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Marmitek IR Control 10

Marmitek IR Control 10

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SKU: 08311
Infrared extender | emitter (adhesive) LEDs | 4 devices | max. 300 m | extra small receiver

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    Professional set to operate up to 4 (max. 8 if an additional IR emitter expansion set is purchased) AV devices inside TV furniture or a cabinet, even from a large distance, using your current remote control. Due to advanced filtering techniques, impervious to use near flat screen TVs (LCD, LED) and with indirect sunlight. Works with virtually all brands and models and is suitable for new infrared code formats (such as RC-MM), which are used in many new HD devices. The IR Control 10 enables you to operate 4 devices immediately. Use the Marmitek IRC EM 2 or IRC BL 1, an infrared extension cable, to connect 4 more devices. With the exception of the small infrared receiver, the complete set can be placed completely out of sight.


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