Final E1000 red

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Εξαιρετικό in-ear ακουστικό από την καλύτερη εταιρία παραγωγής ακουστικών στον κόσμο. Τώρα έχετε την ευκαιρία να απαλλαχθείτε από τα κακής σχεδίασης και απόδοσης ακουστικά του κινητού τηλεφώνου σας χωρίς να εκταμιεύσετε μεγάλα ποσά!
Unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism
With their swing fit mechanism, the earpieces can be swung left and right and tilted towards the audio canal for a perfect fit. These prevent changes in shape owing to the aperture of the earpiece coming into contact with the audio canal. The sound is transmitted directly to the eardrum, delivering clear sound.
final e1000
6.4mmφ dynamic driver unit
The precision involved in assembling the parts for the driver unit is of the utmost importance. The small-aperture 6.4mm diameter dynamic driver unit boasts an extraordinarily high level of precision for this price range.
final e1000
Original ear pieces that come in 5 sizes
Two types of silicon differing in rigidity are employed for the sound conduit and for the earbud that comes into contact with the user’s ear. The silicon used for the sound conduit is more rigid than that used for the earbud, and by having groove processing applied to it, combines both strength and flexibility. Soft silicon has been employed for the earbud, making for a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation. Comes in 5 sizes – SS/S/M/L/LL
final e1000
final e1000
Employs a thick, flexible cable
To prevent cable breakage, a thick, flexible cable has been employed.
final e1000
Color variation
Three color variations – RED, BLUE and BLACK
final e1000
Aging refers to the phenomenon whereby the sound produced by the earphones changes over time as they are used. There is a small driver unit – what could be called a speaker – inside the earphones; a diaphragm of extremely thin film is attached to this using a coil and an adhesive agent. With aural signals, the diaphragm moves in micronic increments while the coil moves, giving off sound. While it can’t be proven, we believe that in this situation, the adhesive section may possibly influence these infinitesimal movements. Using the product over a set period of time, the diaphragm moves more easily, and sound quality approaches the original design intent. This product has a small aperture, and so an extended period of time is necessary for changes through aging to become indecipherable. In general, if the product is used in a normal way over a period of 150 ~ 200 hours, it should feel that sound has become more subtle. A more favorable outcome can be obtained through aging of the product by listening to the music you normally listen to at a volume you usually listen at, rather than expediting aging through very high volumes or aging through noise. While not an accurate metaphor, when you make unnecessary movements to break in a pair of shoes, you’re bound to cause wrinkles different to those that occur when you walk normally. In the same way, rather than having the diaphragm move unnecessarily, it is better to think that it is more natural to break it in in the environment in which it is used.

There is also a psychological aspect to aging. Buying a new set of earphones, the impression you had of these earphones prior to buying them is by no means set in stone. You’re actually making a relative comparison between these and the earphones that you use on a daily basis. When you buy a new set of earphones and continue to use them for a set period of time, those earphones become the standard. An evaluation of sound quality based on continuing to use them until they become such a standard makes it easier to choose a product that you don’t get tired of over the long term.
Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
Τύπος: In-ear
Ευαισθησία: 102dB/mW
Αντίσταση: 16Ω
Μήκος Καλωδίου 1.2m
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Final E1000 red