Burmester 069 CD Player

37.499,00 €
Belt drive cd player από την κορυφαία σειρά της burmester.
Feature Overview: · The modular design of the 069 makes it future proof for new digital formats to come (who can predict which format will arrive and if it will stay?) · Burmester Reference Belt-drive CD transport is based on the CD-2 PRO laser technology · Mechanical belt-drive drive unit is hand-crafted by Burmester Audiosysteme in Berlin. · Microprocessor-controlled drive unit consisting of a highest-quality Swissmade low-torque DC motor, CD platter assembled on a 4 mm thick spindle rotating on a precision bearing plus a stabilizer for fly-wheel effect. It guarantees smooth rotation at any point of the sampling process. · Total interference immunity through heavy triple-chamber design and a special housing base for additional mechanical de-coupling. · Almost air-tight and sound-proof closure of the top-loading CD chamber by a precision sliding cover plate. · Proprietary oscillator with minimal phase noise and a high thermal stability is located next to the SRC circuitry. · Three digital outputs · Remote control supplied as standard · EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)-suppression filters in every stage. · Standard Version in silver anodized. Other finishes available on request.
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Burmester 069 CD Player