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Naim muso

Naim muso

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Σύστημα all-in-one

Φέρτε τη μουσική σας ζωντανά!!!!

Το ταξίδι σας στην οικογένεια Naim ξεκινά με τη σειρά ασύρματων μουσικών συστημάτων Mu-so. Με βάση την τεχνογνωσία επεξεργασίας ψηφιακού σήματος που αναπτύχθηκε για το σύστημα ήχου Naim για Bentley, τόσο το Mu-so όσο και το Mu-so Qb οδηγούνται από ισχυρούς ψηφιακούς ενισχυτές και διαθέτουν ηχεία ειδικά σχεδιασμένα για μια μουσική εμπειρία που πρέπει να να ακούσετε να πιστέψετε!

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Unleash your digital music wherever it is stored.
UPnP (high-res streaming)

UPnP™ (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play)

Stream music from a PC, Mac or network-attached storage in high-resolution ‘better than CD’ quality. 

Apple AirPlay


Stream music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or from iTunes.

Bluetooth (aptX)


Pair with a Bluetooth device to instantly play your music. Also compatible with aptX for high-performance audio where supported by the device connecting to Mu-so. 

Internet Radio

Internet Radio

Access thousands of internet radio stations and save your favourite presets for easy access.

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

Mu-so features an alarm clock which can be enabled via the settings menu in the Naim app.

Multiroom Audio

Multiroom Ready

Play music between any combination of Mu-sos and Mu-so Qbs in up to five rooms (up to four via wi-fi; fifth via ethernet connection). Choose the same song in beat-perfect sync or play different music in different rooms all via the Naim app.



Play music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod and many other MP3 players and USB sticks.

Digital Inputs

Digital Input (Optical)

Boost audio from digital sources such as TVs, set top boxes, CD players or games consoles. (Does not feature HDMI)

Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect

Native support of Spotify to stream millions of songs from your portable device. 



The lossless streaming service is integrated into the system for an immersive, high-quality sound experience. Plus get a 90-day free trial of the lossless Hi-Fi tier service.



    Κατασκευαστής Naim
    Ισχύς Εξόδου: Όχι
    Sampling frequency 192
    DSD Όχι
    USB Ναι
    Coaxial: Όχι
    Οπτικές: Ναι
    Είσοδος Phono: Όχι
    Ραδιόφωνο ΑΜ/FM: Όχι
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