Burmester 151 musiccenter

16.999,00 €
Hiend server από την Burmester.
FEATURES · DLNA/UPnP-server · High-End rip-function · SSD drive for system storage, 2x 2 TB hard drive capacity for music data storage, Raid 1 system (security with two mirrored hard drives, 2 TB usable) · Burmester reference converter technology with balanced conversion · Sampling rate for D/A conversion can be selected from either 96 kHz/24 bit or 192 kHz/24 bit ·Play functions: Audio CD Internet services/ - radio* Music Player USB-stick · Audioformats: FLAC/wav/mp3/AIFF/OGG/AAC/ALAC (m4a); Stereo 16 and 24 Bit, up to 192 KHz · Analogue compensation of level jumps between individual tracks · Gapless play by track analysis and intelligent caching · Web-Browser Interface on HTML5 · Export of playlists on a USB-stick · Music playback from a USB stick · High End rip-function · Integration of a Tidal® account* · Integration of a Qobuz® account* · Integration of HIGHRESAUDIO®* · Can be integrated in a network via LAN · Support for continuously maintained list of Internet radio stations* · Full featured control app for the iPad® (iPad® not included in delivery) · Secure and easy update of system software · Excellent network performance, also when connected to network players CONNECTIONS ANALOG outputs: 1 x XLR stereo, 1 x RCA stereo DIGITAL outputs: 1 x RCA, 1 x TOSLINK TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Weight: ca. 8,5 kg (18 lbs) Dimensions: 482 x 95 x 345 mm (W x H x D) 19” x 3.75” x 13.5”
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Burmester 151 musiccenter